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  1. Students reading a website

    Teaching Civic Skills: Media Literacy Resources

    With an ever-increasing number of sources to gather information from, how can we be confident that the sources we read are trustworthy and the information that they provide is reliable and accurate? When we ask ourselves this question, what we are asking about is media literacy Read More »

  2. Interns sit around a large table discussing issues.

    2020-21 JOIP Request for Proposals

    The David Mathews Center for Civic Life is pleased to announce our Jean O’Connor-Snyder Internship Call for Proposals for the 2020-21 academic year!

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  3. Desks in a line in a classroom

    Learning by Belonging: Active Citizenship & Place-Based Education

    “They are a product of their upbringing” only tells us part of the story. Once we look deeper, however, a more profound meaning of this cliché comes to light.

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  4. In Your Backyard: DMC’s 2019 Educator Summit

    The David Mathews Center for Civic Life concluded its Alabama Bicentennial Commission supported teacher workshop series on October 1, 2019, with “In Your Backyard: Civic Education Through Historical Perspective Taking.” Read More »

  5. Montevallo’s Family Literacy Program

    The Montevallo Family Literacy Program, an initiative for ELL families that spurred from ideas discussed during the Cradle to Career forum series in Montevallo, had its first parent education class on October 8, 2019. The Montevallo Family Literacy Program is a many pronged approach to literacy available to ELL families in the Montevallo community.

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  6. Announcing the 2019 – 2020 Jean O’Connor- Snyder Internship Programs

    During the early spring of 2019, The DMC invited institutions of higher education across the state to send in applications for the Jean O’Connor-Snyder Internship Program (JOIP). Established in 2008, the David Mathews Center’s longest running program, lovingly named in honor of Mrs. Jean O’Connor – Snyder, provides experiential learning opportunities for Alabama’s undergraduate students. Over the past eleven years the DMC has funded JOIP programs in twelve Alabama colleges and universities, engaging over 210 students who worked in 22 different Alabama counties. 

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  7. The Fourth Annual Civic Institute: Closer to Home

    The David Mathews Center for Civic Life held its Annual Civic Institute at the American Village on August 16th, 2019.

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  8. 2019 Jean O’Connor Snyder Award Press Release

    Montevallo, AL – The David Mathews Center for Civic Life would like to announce that Dr. Hollie Cost was awarded the David Mathews Center for Civic Life’s 2019 Jean O’Connor-Snyder Award at the Mathews Center’s fourth annual Civic Institute Luncheon on Friday, August 16, 2019, at the American Village in Montevallo.

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  9. 2019 Civic Institute: Found in Translation

    “Our world hangs like a magnificent jewel in the vastness of space. Every one of us is a part of that jewel. A facet of that jewel. And in the perspective of infinity, our differences are infinitesimal. We are intimately related. May we never even pretend that we are not.” – Fred Rogers Read More »

  10. 2019 Civic Institute: A Civic Enterprise

    For details on our 2019 Civic Institute session on the intersection of citizenship and workforce development, read on! Read More »

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