For details on our 2019 Civic Institute session on the intersection of citizenship and workforce development, read on!

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A Civic Enterprise: Civic Education and Community Collaboration in Workforce Development

Active citizenship and civic education are rarely the first things that come to mind when discussing workforce development. This panel seeks to change that perception. The dedicated Alabamians featured in this session are working in their communities to create programming that prepares the next generation for a successful career and for active citizenship. Panelists are leaders in Alabama’s workforce development field, who will highlight the essential role of partnership, collaboration, and community engagement in effectively preparing young Alabamians for the jobs of the future.

Questions we’ll discuss include:

  • How can we work better together in our communities and across our state to redefine the goals of education to prepare young people for College, Career, AND Citizenship?
  • What opportunities do YOU see for Alabamians to work better together in Alabama around workforce development in our communities, regions, and as a state?
  • Who else needs to be at the table in discussions regarding workforce development in your community? i.e. Who is missing from the conversation currently?

Speaker details are forthcoming. View FAQs and save your seat today here! If you have additional questions, contact the event organizer, Kate Zeliff, at We hope to see you on August 16th!