The Montevallo Family Literacy Program, an initiative for ELL families that spurred from ideas discussed during the Cradle to Career forum series in Montevallo, had its first parent education class on October 8, 2019. The Montevallo Family Literacy Program is a many pronged approach to literacy available to ELL families in the Montevallo community.

Programming includes free English language literacy and computer literacy classes, as well as informational classes for parents on topics related to child development and education. It is the hope of the Montevallo Family Literacy Program that by providing English literacy and computer literacy classes to parents, whole families can benefit, as parents pass along these skills to children at home. 

The most recent informational parent meeting highlighted the curriculum offered at Shelby County Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC). During the meeting, Janice Maddox, counselor at CTEC, shared with parents the various training programs available at the schools as well as potential career paths available to graduates of CTEC. 

Aside from the many career possibilities offered to graduates, Maddox also cited the practical skills students can learn through CTEC courses. Many students, Maddox said, take courses because they are interested in the field as a hobby. For example, courses in construction, agriculture, or automotive technology can help students if they are interested in building a home, starting a hobby farm, or fixing their car. 

However, Maddox also provided parents with an abundance of information regarding the potential earnings of students who pursue jobs in the various fields of study offered at CTEC. For example, median earnings in fields such as Robotics reach $113,000 per year. While certain career fields require certification or continuing education beyond what is available through CTEC, the courses offer an excellent introduction to students and can act as a resume builder should students pursue further education and a career in their field. 

For more information on the courses available through Shelby County Career and Technical Education Center visit the CTEC website at

Applications for the CTEC programs are now open and can be accessed at the above website. All interested 10th-grade students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible as the courses are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Many thanks to Janice Maddox for sharing the information with Montevallo Family Literacy Program participants, and many thanks to Milene Panzica of Montevallo High School for convening the meeting. Upcoming Montevallo Family Literacy Programs include a November 12th meeting at 5 p.m. at Montevallo High School. During the meeting, Officer David Holloway will share with parents information about the health effects of drugs and substances, including vapes, and available prevention programs.