1. Minding Our Future Report

    It Takes a Village: Investing in Healthy Infants and Toddlers by Strengthening Local Communities

    Throughout Minding Our Future we moderated forums in the libraries, classrooms, and community centers of Alabama’s smallest towns and largest cities. We’ve seen first-hand that small population size does not limit big ideas. Whether in growing cities or small hamlets, we encountered a great diversity of opinions, perspectives, and beliefs. Thoughtful deliberation during forums uncovered many deep-rooted and complicated issues underlying our local and national discourses on raising healthy children.
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  2. Finding Common Ground on Bullying

    After moderating approximately 100 public forums on bullying across the state of Alabama, I have discovered that the issue is truly complex. Citizens struggle to find a common definition for the behavior, punishments and policies vary throughout school districts, and young people are fearful of reporting bullying because they do not want to face retaliation from their tormentors. Regardless of the complexity of bullying, it is unquestionably a public issue that concerns citizens in schools, communities, and work environments across the state. But, as with many other difficult public issues, citizens often find themselves asking, “What are we going to about it?”
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  3. Our Community, Our Future: The Role of Citizens in Solving the High School Dropout Situation

    A report from as extensive an effort as this year’s AIF focus on the dropout challenge invariably has lots of stories, numerous emerging themes, and lots of supporting data. Amid all the facts, don’t miss the chemistry. What makes a report of this sort useful is what is happening in communities as a result of participating in the activities that produced the report.
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