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  1. Applications Open for 2022-2023 McKenzie Civic Fellowship

    Applications are now open for the 2022-2023 McKenzie Civic Fellowship. Learn more and apply today!

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  2. Ways to Count in Your Community

    Alabama citizens have until October 31 to complete the 2020 Census and have their voices heard! By submitting your data to the Census Bureau, you help allocate funding and resources that benefit your community. Alabama-specific information can be found at https://census.alabama.gov/. Get counted today!

    For even more ways to be an active citizen, check out our Ways to Count list of civic engagement practices below:
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  3. Civic Resolutions for a New (School) Year

    August has often struck me as a season of fresh starts for educators: new school year, new students, new professional development opportunities, perhaps even a new curriculum. During January of this year, the David Mathews Center staff identified our Civic Resolutions – ways that we were going to strive personally and collectively to contribute to the communities where we live. While January was a wonderful time to reflect on personal Civic Resolutions, August seems like a fitting time to reflect on Civic Education Resolutions. Read More »

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