1. Alabama Talks Back: Classroom Connections in a Crisis

    In the fourth installment of Alabama Talks Back, we explore the impact of the pandemic on students and teachers with Marian Royston, who teaches seventh grade in the rural community of Roanoke.

  2. Alabama Talks Back: Rural Libraries & Social Infrastructure

    In the third installment of Alabama Talks Back, we explore the role of rural libraries as social infrastructure with Dr. Jessica Ross, Director of the Washington County Public Library in Chatom.

  3. Alabama Talks Back: Youth Engagement & Social Connection


    In the second installment of Alabama Talks Back, we explore youth engagement and social connection with David Dada, Deputy Director of the City of Birmingham Mayor’s Office Division of Youth Services.

  4. Alabama Talks Back: Public Health & Social Isolation

    Our new video series, Alabama Talks Back, highlights the creative strategies being developed by community leaders and everyday Alabamians as they adapt to the challenges that come with social distancing. In this first installment of Alabama Talks Back, we explore the connection between public health and social isolation. Our guests are Kristin Boggs, Executive Director of Alabama’s Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, and Carson Klein, graduating medical student (UAB ’20) and Schweitzer Fellow!

  5. Alabamians Who Make a Difference: Main Street Marion

    The Black Belt has been called “The Navel of the World” by some, and in this installment of “Alabamians Who Make a Difference,” you can hear why it’s worth revitalizing! Hear from Chris Joiner, Executive Director of Main Street Marion and Renaissance Marion, as he gives us a look into the economic revitalization of this historical city’s downtown.

  6. What’s Next, Alabama? Video

    Get a glimpse into the lives of Alabamians and the issues they face everyday. We’ll be exploring these issues and more as part of our ongoing forum series, What’s Next, Alabama?

  7. Dr. David Mathews and the Founding of the DMC

    Looking back at the history of Dr. Mathews’ work in Alabama leading up to the founding of the DMC.

  8. Honoring Jean O’Connor-Snyder

    The DMC pays tribute to the legendary Jean O’Connor-Snyder, the namesake of our flagship intern program.

  9. Students’ Institute 2015 – 2016

    A look back at the past year of incredible work being accomplished by students in Montevallo through the David Mathews Center for Civic Life’s Students’ Institute program.

  10. Alabamians Who Make a Difference: Margaret Morton

    In this segment of Alabamians Who Make a Difference, we sit down with Margaret Morton, Executive Director of Sylacauga Alliance for Family Enhancement (SAFE) in Sylacauga, AL. In this conversation, Margaret explores the importance of collaboration, community engagement, and collective impact.

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